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"Feel the Freedom of Permanent Hair Removal"


Permanent Body Hair Removal

If you have excessive body hair, you know how difficult it can be to deal with. Even just a few hairs on your abdomen or breast can be bothersome. Temporary hair removal methods can create additional problems such as ingrown hairs and a dark shadow beneath the skin's surface. The area becomes irritated, hyper-pigmented and your hair still continues to grow! Why not put an end to this vicious cycle?


We, at Hair Free Electrolysis, do our utmost to ensure your privacy. Rest assured your appointments are kept confidential and performed in a completely private treatment room.

Common Treatment Areas

•  Underarms

•  Forearms

•  Hands

•  Fingers

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301-986-4986 (Bethesda)

301-299-3672 (Potomac)

Hair Removal Methods

Depending on the area and coarseness of your body hair, we will use one of 3 modalities to ensure permanent removal.


•  Thermolysis (short-wave, high frequency)

•  Multi-needle galvanic

•  Blend

•  Breast

•  Chest  

•  Abdomen

•  Bikini line

Body Hair Removal Thorough Hair Removal Print Coupon Coupon Body-Hair-Removal-Thumbs Body-Hair-Removal-Hero

•  Thighs

•  Legs

•  Feet

•  Toes

Ask us about Betacaine, a 5% Topical Lidocaine to reduce your skin's sensitivity before treatment.